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December 20th

Okay this news just made me pee in my pants


So you know how the Archie Sonic comics had all those amazing story arcs going and there was an amazing mix of adventure and drama and humor and grit and it was the most godliest fucking thing to happen to the series in the history of ever and then Douchebag McCopyrightinfringement forced it all to be flushed?

WELL Ian Flynn is taking his own time to fill us in on what was SUPPOSED to happen with the scrapped plans. When he actually gets this completed (expected by summer 2014), he will be giving this away FOR FREE. He’s already promised to explain:

  • the rest of the King Naugus story
  • the resolution with Mecha Sally
  • BOTH versions of Endangered Species
  • SOMETHING TO DO WITH HERSHEY I just knew she wasn’t dead maybe

He’s got an open call for anyone to submit any other questions they want addressed, because he has his notes but his own memory may fail him and he’ll work better with specific questions to attend to.

If you were a fan of the comics before the reboot and this isn’t the greatest day of your life, we can’t be friends anymore I’m sorry.

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December 18th

Second Lost World DLC; Legend of Zelda themed...?

Looks like we’ll just have to wait and see! Won’t we, guys?

August 7th



June 11th
May 29th

More Lost World Details Revealed

Dr. Eggman and multiplayer confirmed

May 17th

Info I’ve gathered so far (man these things sneak up on you!) from Retro and Stadium:

-Sonic Lost World will be the next main series Sonic title. It is WiiU/Nintendo3DS exclusive. More info here, but there’s not much, only the previously posted piece of art. The world seems to contain multiple, differently-themed zones as usual, but no word on gameplay. More details will be released before E3.

-Nintendo and SEGA have created an exclusive partnership for the Sonic the Hedgehog series. What does this likely mean? Over the years to come, major Sonic titles are planned for Nintendo consoles only. I emphasize the word planned. Nintendo will have the next three major Sonic titles to themselves, with no cross-platform sharing. However, smaller digital titles will likely still be seen on other platforms, and there is no word about whether SONY/Microsoft will get their own exclusives (my guess is no). More info here.

-Mario & Sonic at the 2014 Winter Olympics has also been announced, and of course, it will be WiiU/3DS exclusive. Whether it will be modeled after Sochi like the London game or not is unknown, but so far it looks just like the original MS Winter Olympics game. Many screenshots can be seen here.

-One Sonic game other than the last two has also been announced, though its title has not been revealed yet. It may be revealed at E3 (or any time, really).

I’ll do my best to keep you guys as updated as possible on the situation, especially in regards to Sonic Lost World.

March 8th
March 4th

Sega announces Sonic Dash for iOS 
Industry’s favourite spinning blue creature gets own infinite runner title on iOS.


Sega announces Sonic Dash for iOS

Industry’s favourite spinning blue creature gets own infinite runner title on iOS.

February 28th
September 17th

Sonic Adventure 2 and NiGHTS: Journey into Dreams… release dates revealed



Two of Sega’s most popular titles are coming to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, remade in high definition, this October.

PlayStation users will have the opportunity to download both of these titles for $9.99 a pop over the PSN Store on October 2nd, while Xbox 360 owners can download them for 800 Microsoft points via the Xbox Live Marketplace on October 5. 

Sonic Adventure 2 can also be upgraded to “Battle” for an additional $3.00 or 240 Microsoft points. The Battle mode DLC features more maps and characters, as seen in the Gamecube version, including Chao Karate.


On the other hand, people who purchase NiGHTS: Journey into Dreams… will receive free access to the dreams of the 1996 holiday expansion, Christmas NiGHTS, which was only made available on the Saturn via magazine promotions.

Unfortunately for PC Players, Sega has yet to announce any details regarding a Steam/PC release. If anything comes up, we’ll let you know.

August 1st

Sonic Adventure 2 to be re-released on PC

Sonic Adventure 2 has been confirmed for PC release, along with the already confirmed Xbox360 and PS3 ports.

SA2’s rating has also risen from E to E10+ (a rating which didn’t exist during the original release) because of “Mild Cartoon Violence” and one song lyric….containing the word “damn”.

July 23rd

In other news, the lovely Sonic Retro has unfortunately been hit by malware, so if you’ve visited it any time within the last 1.5 months, especially while using Firefox, please make sure to check your computer for any malware. A list of potentially-infected IP addresses can be found here, and the full story is here.

Sonic Retro’s main page will be down until further notice, though their database is still accessible.